Friday, May 16, 2008

My whole family's asleep!

Except me!! That's why I can post another post!  But maybe I shouldn't, after all, it is getting late.  But not that late, you say.  It's only 10:30 and by anyone's east coast standards, the night's just begun! But you see, as a former westcoastian, I admit to still thinking like one. So I'm torn, do I stay up late, as my west coast mentality says it must be, or do I stay up early, as the east would insist?  Alas, I don't know which coast to pick.  Now normally, I would be right there in bed snoring with the best of them (grinding my teeth actually, but I digress) and as a mother, that sleep time is precious.  It's like a card I got just before my son was born.  It said, "when you become a parent, you begin to realize how important the little things are.  Like sleep."  And that has been all too true for most of my motherhood years.  But then there comes a point when you stay up late just to get something done because your day is full of good little things that keep you from doing other, not-so-important-but-good-to-do things.  It's a vicious cycle. But just because I'm feeling chatty, and because my whole family is sleeping in a tent in the front room (camping trip got rained out, but I'm okay with that-running water and good bed on my list of absolutes of sleeping), I'm here.  I'm up.  And in the debate of to snore or not to snore, I choose to not to.  I'll regret that in the morning.

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