Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Who, What, How" Song Review and AP "Do as I'm Doing"

For singing time today, I reviewed the songs from last year.  We also sang "Do as I'm doing" in between each review song.

For the "Who, What, How," I had 3 jars labeled that way. I put songs to review on slips of paper in the "What" jar.  But for very reverent songs, like "If the Savior Stood Beside Me," I wrote on the slip of paper next to the song title, "REVERENTLY, NO-HOW," because the song was too sacred to sing it flippantly or in a silly way.  Before we sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me," I told the children my reasoning for not singing it with a "How," and then asked them to sing the song with all of the heart they had, because the Savior means too much for us to take Him lightly. The Spirit came very thickly when I shared my testimony of the Savior just before the song, and the reason to sing it with the most reverence you can muster.  The room went so quiet. I was blessed.

I wrote different categories of "who" (i.e. people with socks, people with sisters, people with blue eyes, etc...) on slips of paper and put those in the "Who" jar.  I wrote silly ways of singing (like "Mormon Tabernacle Choir," "spooky," "whisper," "country," and put those in the "How" jar. The songs that weren't too sacred, we sang in the silly ways. So fun.

In between each review song, I had two different envelopes with craft foam pieces that had actions written on them. I would ask a reverent child to come and pick out an action and we would do that action for the song "Do as I'm Doing."

For Juniors, the actions were simple: clap, snap or flick, hop...

For Seniors, that's not going to fly. I had reverent helpers pull out an Advanced Placement Action. These were not your standard "hop, clap, or blink," actions. Oh no. Not for super grown-up Senior Primary!  This picture shows some of the AP Actions we did.

The granny dance was hilarious. I let them interpret it however they liked. We had some kids with imaginary canes, some with walkers, some with back aches. It was priceless! We got down and boogied! And still kept the Spirit, even while having fun. We had a ball!

I love my calling.