Friday, October 10, 2008

You know you've been at the computer screen too long

1-when your eyes start to cross
2-when they go completely out of focus the instant they see the screen
3-when you see little purple squares when you close your eyes
4-when you can't count how many windows you have open
5-when your eyes start to slide down the screen against your will
6-when your eyes are watering
7-when the screen leaves up images from the window you just closed

These are happening to me write now. Even the words I type are a little fuzzy and I'm blinking a lot.  Huh, I can't even get the correct form of 'right' right now. I think I need a little sleep, or a lot. This virtual world is really getting to my cerebellum.
The picture at the top is of a butterfly at Mount Vernon.  The gardens there were just wonderful. We went a few weeks ago and very much enjoyed a non-cerebral day, walking in honest-to-goodness dirt and trees, rather than looking (more like squinting) at them on a much abused computer screen.  Virtual reality has nothing on the tangible, tactile world.