Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anthropologie addict

I admit it.  I'm an anthropologie addict.  Anytime I am remotely close to one, I will spend the extra on gas just to go to it, since I can't spend the dough to actually buy something from there. The ideas in there are just amazing. You should see the butterfly japanese lanterns they have right now.  And, I believe I've gained a lot of my inspirations in there.  For example, this picture frame. I was bored, again, with how it looked.  So I borrowed an idea from Anthro, which is cover everything in fabric.  The picture above is the before.  And below, the after.  It's hard to see, so let me explain.  I spread watered down elmer's glue all over the wood part, dipped the fabric in watered down glue, and draped it over the frame.  After it dried, I trimmed it because the fabric was stiff and stuck. Anthro does this all the time.  It makes it a little more organic and not so stark. So, thank you Anthro for the ideas.  That's all I can afford.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think I'm crazy.

Know why?

Because I'm seriously considering running for 13 miles non-stop.  It's insane, and yet, the temptation is so real, just to say "Yeah, I ran a half marathon."  Yep, half and half only.  I've not totally lost it.  This is just a moment of temporary insanity.  And one that I am completely committed to--I think.  (That doesn't sound complete, does it.) Anyway, if anyone has any advice, post away!  I'm going to need it!  

Friday, May 16, 2008

My whole family's asleep!

Except me!! That's why I can post another post!  But maybe I shouldn't, after all, it is getting late.  But not that late, you say.  It's only 10:30 and by anyone's east coast standards, the night's just begun! But you see, as a former westcoastian, I admit to still thinking like one. So I'm torn, do I stay up late, as my west coast mentality says it must be, or do I stay up early, as the east would insist?  Alas, I don't know which coast to pick.  Now normally, I would be right there in bed snoring with the best of them (grinding my teeth actually, but I digress) and as a mother, that sleep time is precious.  It's like a card I got just before my son was born.  It said, "when you become a parent, you begin to realize how important the little things are.  Like sleep."  And that has been all too true for most of my motherhood years.  But then there comes a point when you stay up late just to get something done because your day is full of good little things that keep you from doing other, not-so-important-but-good-to-do things.  It's a vicious cycle. But just because I'm feeling chatty, and because my whole family is sleeping in a tent in the front room (camping trip got rained out, but I'm okay with that-running water and good bed on my list of absolutes of sleeping), I'm here.  I'm up.  And in the debate of to snore or not to snore, I choose to not to.  I'll regret that in the morning.

Dresser redo

So I got bored with a plain brown dresser.  I painted it white, then decided to take a picture. Still boring.

So I did this to it...

Not boring.  This was done with wrapping paper, ribbon, and handles from the dollar store.  I modge-podged the wrapping paper to the drawer. (I wonder if there is better glue for that, I got a few bubbles.  Ideas anyone?) Then I glued black & white polkadot ribbon for the edging of the drawers, and put black handles (they are hard to see in the picture) in the middle. Cost: $7.50.  The dresser was a hand-me-down. It'll do.  I probably won't move it, though.