Sunday, October 28, 2007

I break (brake) for brownies

And it shows. Right around the hip and tummy area. See, here's the issue: I brake for brownies meaning that they stop me, I would like to pause and eat one, or two or three. But then here comes the conflict. If I brake for the brownie(s), then I will end up wearing it (them) around my hips for the next 10 years. And so I have to use this horrible thing called self-denial and refuse the beautiful brownie bites in order to not break my size. Causing me heart-break. Hence, both I brake and break for brownies because of the inner conflict of wanting yet not wanting to have this lovely taste of decadence. This struggle arrests me daily. It is relentless because it doesn't stop at brownies. Anything sweet and chocolatey tempts and tries my greatest self-restraint. I confess I give in more than I should, but not more than I want. I play tug-of-war with my tastebuds constantly. And I am often losing the battle. Yet, with what is left of my broken-down will power, I rise again the next day attempting to resist this most pleasurable of tasting sensations. What a pleasant, yet trying problem to have. I am a tortured soul. I need a break.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Waxing philosophical in the front seat

well, really in the seat in front of the computer. But the thought came to me in the front seat of the car. Passenger side. Not on cell phone. No distracted driving here. Just in case you were wondering.

So, what's the philosophical part? Actually, it's tragic to mention, but all too typical due to mothering mania, I can't remember the philosophy. Besides, that word is hard to type. My fingers type it so unceremoniously! So, if you were expecting some great philsophiclllall (spelling?) insight this morning, I'm afraid I've misplaced it. Maybe you could offer one since, phyllosaughphiickallie (spelling???) speaking, I'm needing simplified spelling.

But back to the phyllahsoph...-the thought. I really did have one. Now what was it? You know when I'll remember? It's after I post this. Isn't that how it always happens? You can't remember something until after you need it. You can't find something until you ask someone for it, then just as you ask, you find it yourself.

So, for the sake of my waning memory and phillasohooey--oh you know what I mean, I will leave you with the wisest words that I never created: Use the force, Luke!

Till next time...