Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tangled Halloween

Why do I allow my kids to talk me into these things? REALLY!

So, last year my kids wanted to be Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from the movie Tangled. 

Alright. I check to see if I can buy them. Well, no Rapunzel dress in my dd's size and absolutely NO Flynn Rider costume anywhere!

I must attempt to make them. Ugh. I am so stupid.
 But, when I saw my dd next to Rapunzel, I was pretty thrilled. And so was she. More pics are below with an explanation of how I made the wig.
 For Flynn, I made the vest out of blue corduroy, with drawer pulls as the vest clasps and paper brads as the studs in the sleeves. Definitely not washable. The belt was off an old dress of mine. We had the satchel and pants and white shirt.  We actually snipped out pieces of my son's hair and glued it to his chin for the beard. Then filled it in with some eye liner. Add a frying pan and we are pretty close to Flynn.
 Now for Rapunzel's wig. I got two large skeins of bright yellow yarn. Gosh, I hope I can explain this. I took two kitchen chairs and placed them 180 inches apart from each other. Then I wrapped and wrapped the yarn around the chairs, back and forth, until I had unravelled each skein. So, I had a large oval of yarn stretched across our kitchen and into the family room. I then went to the center, at 90 inches and tied a strand of yarn very tightly around all the strands to create the part in the wig. Then I sewed by machine the part in the wig to the tights. Yep, girls' tights-clean, of course. I had already tied off the legs of the tights so the underwear section became the head. I cut the legs off just above the knot. I wish I had a picture. Anyway, I sewed the center of the yarn onto the knot and around the knot of the wig. Then I pulled the tights over a helmet to keep the wig still, and then plaited the braid.

 It's a 5 piece plaited braid that I had to watch over and over again until I got it. The video's here: 5 piece plaited braid.  Then I hot glued the flowers in.
 I also made the purple dress. Like I said, stupid, stupid, stupid.
 But not only did she wear it for Halloween, She also wore it to Disneyland to meet the princesses. That was priceless.