Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wind storm

That's what we are having outside right now.  It was interesting to watch the storm come in, tearing off siding of the house, blowing leaves and debris, even trees, sideways.  It blew over two trees, two of my favorite trees that give us some privacy during the day.  I hope they get put back up soon.  The heavy grey clouds seemed to skim our house top and moved so fast.   The power went out at the church which canceled our ward's pinewood derby contest.  This actually was a bit of good news since my kids are sick and couldn't go.  Now, we will be able to reschedule and hopefully we will be well.  Especially since my dh made the pinewood derby car into a corvette, no surprise.  Candy apple glossy red, and it really does look like a corvette.  Amazing. And my son really wanted to see it race.  But this has nothing to do with the windstorm outside, or maybe everything to do with that storm.  I'm just glad to be inside, even though we are sick. How pleasant to be sick in a place that is warm and dry and safe and comfortable.  To me, that is a blessing, sick and all, to be physically uncomfortable only because of a cold, not because of the cold you feel from the wind or weather. You are probably going to get sick, no matter where you are.  I'm grateful to be sick in such a comfortable place and have the conveniences of life that help to ease the misery of the sniffles. It really could be so much worse. Gratitude shows up in funny little ways, doesn't it.