Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aspen Window Painting

So, I got bored again. We have this huge window for a front door. For Halloween, it was a jack-o-lantern. When I took it down, we were back to living in a fish bowl. So I bought privacy window film (called "frosted glass") and put it on the window. It was great in creating privacy and still letting in tons of light. But it was boring. Just a solid block of frosted glass. That's when I got this idea that a little bird told me. I painted the window film. The pic above is what the finished product looks like from outside at night.
These next few pics are of the progress. I used a paint pen to draw on the main idea.
You can see that better here.
Then I used acrylic craft paint and a foam brush to paint in the aspen trees. Got this done in a few hours. The picture below is the finished painting from the inside of the house. We have a pretty grey day outside, so it's a pretty dark pic. But it added a ton of interest to the plain frosted glass. The red bird is a cardinal that I free-handed and cut out of red paper. Didn't want to paint that!
The cool thing is that when I get bored of this (bound to happen), the paint washes off the window film! Ha Ha! Then more crazy ideas and window murals can start popping up any time I feel like it! The fun never ends! (I just wonder if people might start driving by just to see what's in the window of the crazy lady's house.)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I got a new Camera!

So I finally got a new camera. Happiness. Now I just have to figure out all the buttons.
Below is a pic of the chalkboard I made. And the next few shots are some fun stuff with my camera.

These two pictures are kind of fun. You see the leaf in the top pic? That's right in front of me when I took the picture. I stayed in the same spot and used the zoom on the camera and took the picture of the same stop sign that you see in the background of the top pic.
Kind of fun being able to zoom like that with just a point 'n shoot. So far, I'm happy.