Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anthropologie addict

I admit it.  I'm an anthropologie addict.  Anytime I am remotely close to one, I will spend the extra on gas just to go to it, since I can't spend the dough to actually buy something from there. The ideas in there are just amazing. You should see the butterfly japanese lanterns they have right now.  And, I believe I've gained a lot of my inspirations in there.  For example, this picture frame. I was bored, again, with how it looked.  So I borrowed an idea from Anthro, which is cover everything in fabric.  The picture above is the before.  And below, the after.  It's hard to see, so let me explain.  I spread watered down elmer's glue all over the wood part, dipped the fabric in watered down glue, and draped it over the frame.  After it dried, I trimmed it because the fabric was stiff and stuck. Anthro does this all the time.  It makes it a little more organic and not so stark. So, thank you Anthro for the ideas.  That's all I can afford.


Andrea said...

hey! that's the same fabric that i used for my Master bedroom curtains. Very good idea. Love it!

Starley Family said...

Su[er cute as usual!

Holly said...

Very cool....I would like to try that sometime. In reference to your mild ADD self diagnosis, there is treatment available. The best way to treat it is to come to Oklahoma and make fun projects with me. But wait, alas I have no Anthropologie so I'll have to go there, regardless after reading your blog I think we would have a lot of fun!

You're Anthro friend


Carter Family said...

Holy Cow Summer! You've done it again! I always admire your creativity and amazing projects. Good luck with your Half Marathon, you won't regret it!