Thursday, September 16, 2010

Letter Tracing

Many of you know Lady is autistic. At the suggestion of my mother, I am going to start including things that help us cope and work through raising a child with autism.

And this is my first post. Lady struggles with fine motor dexterity. This morning we were trying to trace letters and she was about to melt down. So, what I did was using my fingernail, I gently traced the letter on her left arm as she was tracing it with her right hand on the paper. She would follow my pattern, so she formed the letters correctly, but I wouldn't begin until she started moving the pencil on the paper. She needed that sensory motivation to complete the assignment. I also would use the pad of my finger as if it were a pencil eraser and rub her arm over the spot where I just traced the letter so we could start a new letter. I also did that if she erased on her paper. She responded beautifully. We have some great looking pages of A's, B's, and C's.


The Florist said...

I think these kind of posts will be very helpful to many. Have you tried sandpaper finger tip tracing? We also like to use a small cookie sheet with a layer of rice at the bottom. A tray with shaving cream is another fun tracing technique.

Molly said...

Hey I finally got a chance to check out your blog! ;) Loving it!

I may have to refer to a few of those home DIY posts!

the place I post at is :) there are MANY MANY channels (categories) so don't get lost! :)