Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Living room pillows

I'm in need of some major assistance for this @*#$! living room! Where are you, Mom, Holly or even Christina at Full house? Somebody help me!
I tried a quick fix: pillows.
B thinks they're too wild. I think they're a hoot!
Can you tell my living room is boring me?
Oh no! She's bored again!
That means something hairy (look on the seal-skin pillow) is about to emerge.
Any thoughts?


Full House said...

Ah, you just made my day. I think I have seen some of those pillows before, Ross maybe. I like what you have done. That picture on the fireplace is awesome!

Are you here in AZ?

xo - Christina

jomymother said...

Summer, I'm still looking for fun fabrics! Just haven't been to "all the right places!"

Sundee said...

I know what you need! Are you ready for this? .... Plants! You need a tree or a bush or even some potted flowers. The tree might have to eat your piano corner or the green chair, but it'll be worth it.