Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Desk redo

These pictures might be familiar, but this time it's not about the mirror. That little brown desk under the mirror finally got some attention.

I've been noticing the 40's glam stuff lately and thought I'd give it a try. The little green notebook is what inspired me on this one. Here's the inspiration pic from her blog:

But I didn't have the $ for silver leafing or mirrors, so I used stuff I already had on hand:
-Silver spray paint
-Wipe-on poly
-I think that's it

I sanded it down, with the help of B and M, then sprayed it with my leftover silver (from the acorns). After it dried, I used the rags and wipe-on poly. It actually took off some of the spray paint, but I'm in no mood to redo it again. So, it'll have to do.

Added some pretty knobs (thank you Anthro and Hobby lobby! Can you believe they matched?)

Turned out pretty different and I think I like it. So, there you go.


jomymother said...

I'm lovin' how this turned out. And if a little of the paint wipes off, it's just a little distress.

Washington Hills said...

So great, Summer! It looks like it matches in a cool way to your front door? Very cool.