Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiffany Blue Mirror & a Christmas Tree

You may remember this. It is my wicked stepmother's mirror, mirror on the wall.
It is now reincarnated and named "Tiffany Blue." I got a comment a while back from Julie saying I needed to post some pics of my "eek to chic" mirror project. So, voila! The above pic is what my front room looks like right now. I wanted a white, gold and silver tree this year, promising not to buy anything to make it happen. And true to the challenge, all white, silver and gold tree all from stuff I already had.
Entry way at Thanksgiving.
Just some detail of the frame. It's fun for now. But I'll probably get bored. Yet again! And it will be brought back to life in some new color that matches my mood.


jomymother said...

Your tree is beautiful and you already know I love the mirror. And the glass blocks make an elegant tablescape. Great job!

jomymother said...
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Jules & Mike said...

Eek to chic indeed Summer! Love the orange with the mirror- great work on the tree as well- you have talent girl.