Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Frame collage

I get a lot of inspiration from just observing, then modifying.  This one is a twist on something I saw in PotteryBarn.  Instead of using (and buying) all matching frames, I just took all my old unmatching frames, painted them matching black, and put sepia tone pictures in them.  I put this in my entry way, which is where the initial idea was in PotteryBarn.  Very cost effective.  Oh, and the big center picture is actually the Family Proclamation.  I used wordart to make some of the key words bigger and printed it out on my computer in a different format than what is standard distribution. I glued it to foam board, (which had been painted black, too), then had B build a frame for it out of moulding. The picture of the Arizona Temple right beside it was drawn by my sister.


Starley Family said...

Wow! That looks fabulous Summer! Hope you don't mind that I dropped a hello. You can always stop by ours ( I found ya through Holly's blog).

Summer said...

Cool! I'm glad you did! I'll check in on yours soon and thanks!!

The Seattle Hills said...

Summer, this looks great! I love the family picture of you guys framed with your proclamation. I wish I had a fun family picture like that. So great. (I love flipping through PotteryBarn, too!)

Are you guys surviving all the crazy weather in the East lately?

Becky said...

Ha!! I found you! Love the headboard. I still can't figure out how you did it. You'll have to show me how in the world you did that. It looks awesome! All your projects do!

Krebscout said...