Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coat Rack

Remember these?

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They are now on this:

Well, at least the glass door knobs are. Here are some progress pictures.

I adhered wrapping paper to the front of the wood and painted the edges and the top shelf piece black.

Getting the glass knobs on was actually a challenge because they are antique. Which means they are not on the "interchangeable parts" spectrum and you can't find modern screws to fit them. Which also means I didn't want to permanently glue them onto the shelf and ruin them. Instead, we wrapped the closest size screw in electrical tape to beef up the screw a bit and then screwed the knob onto it. This actually became very sturdy and will still allow us to unscrew the knobs eventually if we (I) decide to use the knobs for something else. Like a door.

Kind of fun on the blue wall. (The color on the wall is called "Winter in Paris" by Behr.)



Jannie said...

beautiful!!! this definitely inspires me. i'm thinking a new hat rack... but that may take a little more thinking because i'll need bigger hooks than the typical glass knob.

jomymother said...

Wow, Summer, once again ... terrific! I like all of your projects. Great posts!