Tuesday, July 17, 2007

so there i was

when all of a sudden, out of nowhere...
Again, another random comment that has nothing to do with the post. This, of course, is in keeping with the tradition I've begun of writing titles that really don't relate to the subject at all. This, then, requires that you read the entire post to catch the entire meaning. This, of course, is what you want to do, since all of my (two) random posts are of the utmost relevance to normalcy of living. But this, the normalcy thing, will no doubt provide hours of endless subjects to post upon since so many things are normal and all normal things, including myself, love words, good words, said about them. They, nor I won't mind a bit that I blog on and on. You, dear reader, I hope, will add to the lovely words being said about normal things.

Today's normal subject: Oh, you can't really expect me to be so plain and predictable as to actually type it out. Where is the mystery in that? Normalcy--yes, mystery--missing. The search for the meaning in my words could cause critics to go crazy in hopes of finding double meanings or hidden messages in my writing (which, if you look long and hard enough, will find), thinking they will answer the antiquated, overrated, underestimated, often promulgated secret of life. When, or if, they find it in these words, (which if they look long and hard enough, could find), it will merely accentuate the beauty and mystery in normalcy, the joy of normal living, where all good things, good words, good works, good manners, good books, good looks, good cooks, good, honest people really do exist, but often go unnoticed, being nestled in plain and predictable patterns of meaningful living.

Dare I divulge the location of such normal, interesting people? Or has the curiousity peaked and you have begun your own search to find such relics and sages as normal people. Such a search leads to great discovery hiding under the name of "normal." We know that each person is fighting a hard battle, and each of us has something "normal" that adds authenticity, variation, and interest to our plain and predictable lives. So, there we are, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, we, the normal, endless subject providing normal people, just might have discovered the secret of life. To our swords! No, Better yet, to our words!

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