Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pvc Pipe Play house

I finally got to this project. Thanks to Wintertree Design for her instructions. We modified it just a little. We made the connection from the roof to the cross connectors longer for a taller roof. I can actually stand inside it.We took old (repurposed-love it!) curtains and hung them around the side, they worked out really well.
Lady actually hung a flashlight from the cross bar on the roof for a night light and she slept in it a few nights ago.
We still need to add a front door and some details. Any ideas?

Then we got to my son's loft bed. This was completely constructed from our own plans, so we made it up.
Talk about a custom house. It will eventually be a fort.
My son actually cut the pipe himself. He loved it.
Great summer time project.


Sundee said...

I'd love to see the space below your boy's bed to get a feel of the whole room and appreciate your cool curtains.

Washington Hills said...

LOVE IT! What about adding some flower boxes under a window for Sophia's playhouse? I've also seen done where you have the front wall drop down to form welcome mat when down and a door when up. Too complicated for me, but very cute to see! LOVE IT!