Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I got a new Camera!

So I finally got a new camera. Happiness. Now I just have to figure out all the buttons.
Below is a pic of the chalkboard I made. And the next few shots are some fun stuff with my camera.

These two pictures are kind of fun. You see the leaf in the top pic? That's right in front of me when I took the picture. I stayed in the same spot and used the zoom on the camera and took the picture of the same stop sign that you see in the background of the top pic.
Kind of fun being able to zoom like that with just a point 'n shoot. So far, I'm happy.


jomymother said...

looks good.Like how well it zooms. Your chalkboard reminds me of another one, hmmm...(only I like your frame better)

Sundee said...

Hooray for your new camera! Do you feel relieved that you will now be able to document your life through photos? Congratulations.