Monday, October 5, 2009

more living room project materials

I have collected a few more bones for the living room. We'll see how this goes. The green velvet chair was a $10 yard sale find. And the beige beast below, a $5 find. I promise it will be recovered and, most likely, painted. But the caning is good on both chairs, the velvet is in flawless condition on chair number 1, and the comfort level on beige-ey boy is a 10.
I just need some great flashy fabric and good paint and I think I resurrect the beige-man.

Suitcases, I think I'll use them for an end table that holds games. Got some good brainstorms for that one. And casters!
And the final project: (what am I saying! Nothing is ever final!) Snow White's wicked stepmother's mirror! Oh, this thing is cool. Don't know where it goes yet, maybe you could give me some pointers? And it is absolutely in the category of "I can be any color" if needed. Gold doesn't have to stay. So, help anyone?


Jules & Mike said...

Check out for some fantastic and cheap ideas/inspiration. This girl is amazing! The office remodel is right up your alley- you will love it. Love the mirror-- any color will do with all that great detail. Have fun!

jomymother said...

I think you should open up the room by putting the couch in front of the other window and the chairs facing the entertainment center. Then put a sofa table in there either in front of the front window or behind the couch.

Washington Hills said...

Please tell me that you're NOT going to recover the green velvet, because I think I'm in love with it! As for the mirror, LOVE IT. Sorry, though, because my only thought is it belongs in a little girl's room while playing princess...