Sunday, February 17, 2008

By the way

How did you do on your January goal?  I accomplished mine.  All started sewing projects DONE!  Wahoo!  Now on to February.  My goal:  be cleaner.  I have a habit of leaving out the cereal in the morning and the bread at lunch.  I am trying to keep the kitchen just a bit tidier.  I am measuring it with a bean jar, 10 beans in it.  For every time I mess up, I remove a bean.  At the end of the day, I empty the jar into a big jar.  When the big jar is full, I get a prize!  (Yes, I am motivated by shallow, juvenile bribes.)  At the end of February, I will be able to measure how well I did on my goal by how many beans in the big jar.  Even if I don't get a tangible prize, I will be rewarded by physically seeing, both in the jar and in my house, the results of my efforts.  Already it's made a difference.

What's your February goal?

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jomymother said...

Love that idea...finishing up the sewing projects
Maybe I should work harder to finish up mine. Let's see that could take about how long...? One of my Feb. goals is the same as my January goal. To polish the song I'm learning on the piano. It's going to take a while:)