Sunday, October 7, 2007

Waxing philosophical in the front seat

well, really in the seat in front of the computer. But the thought came to me in the front seat of the car. Passenger side. Not on cell phone. No distracted driving here. Just in case you were wondering.

So, what's the philosophical part? Actually, it's tragic to mention, but all too typical due to mothering mania, I can't remember the philosophy. Besides, that word is hard to type. My fingers type it so unceremoniously! So, if you were expecting some great philsophiclllall (spelling?) insight this morning, I'm afraid I've misplaced it. Maybe you could offer one since, phyllosaughphiickallie (spelling???) speaking, I'm needing simplified spelling.

But back to the phyllahsoph...-the thought. I really did have one. Now what was it? You know when I'll remember? It's after I post this. Isn't that how it always happens? You can't remember something until after you need it. You can't find something until you ask someone for it, then just as you ask, you find it yourself.

So, for the sake of my waning memory and phillasohooey--oh you know what I mean, I will leave you with the wisest words that I never created: Use the force, Luke!

Till next time...


Jannie said...

It's so true! Like that song "Ironic" - "It's like 10 thousand spoons when all you need is a knife."

...and the spelling stuff? I look past that. I know very intelligent beings who can't spell. Lets take me for example. I participated in the 6th grade spelling bee...and, well, lets just say I only spelled one word before they sent me to my seat. See? And I'm pretty doggone intelligent. I consider it our creative abilities at work. Eye beleev itt wus Marc Twayn hoo sed hee kan't admyer a purson hoo kant spel ay werd moor then won whey. He might have used different spelling than I did, but that's his artistic right...right?

The Seattle Hills said...

"phillasohooey" sounds so familiar to me lately...I think I used to be time long ago...